Giving Hope to the Helpless

I’m glad to be a part of Gospel for Asia’s Blog for Asia program, where once or twice a month I’ll write about something that really matters. There are  many needs in the world, but I’ll be focusing on some of those who have been trapped in a cycle of poverty for generations.

In southern Asia, a group of people known as the Dalits are considered “Untouchables” by those who are considered to be of the higher classes. Some people don’t even consider them to be human. They aren’t able to get decent jobs or even an education, and their children can be sold into slavery of different kinds. They often look through the garbage just to find something to eat or something to sell.

Gospel for Asia has a program called Bridge of Hope that gives these children the opportunity to get an education, and they also are fed, clothed, and given medical care. They are also introduced to Jesus and the love he has for them.  Please consider watching this video ( and see if you would like to help change the life of one of these children.

You can sponsor a child for $35.00 a month.




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