The Books

My first book, Fly Like a Penguin, was published in 2004. In early 2012, I made some minor revisions and corrections to the book and published it as an e-book for Kindle and for other e-reading devices through I also re-published it as a printed book through Create Space, which is a subsidiary of Now it is called The Long Way Home and is the first book of a series called Fly Like a Penguin.

Volume 2, The Smell of Evil, was published in July, 2012. Volume 3, The Last Wave, was published in March, 2016.

Fly Like a Penguin was originally written as a stand alone book. I began writing it in my pre-computer days in my not very plentiful free time. My first two daughters were very young at the time, and I hoped to be able to read it to them when they were still in the read-to stage. However, as four more kids were being added to our household, time became even less plentiful, and the story didn’t get completed for about 15 years.

More recently, I began to think there was more to the story, so I wrote Volume 2, and as that progressed I saw that it should become a trilogy. Some of you may be thinking I just wanted to be like Tolkien or the many other great novelists who wrote trilogies. Well, I don’t think that’s why I’m doing it. Whatever the case, that’s what it is, and I don’t know yet if any more information about Hopper’s family and friends will become available to me.

I have other ideas in the depths of my brain, which I hope to bring to light some day. I’ll keep you posted on this website.


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