Re-publishing of Fly Like a Penguin

I see I haven’t posted here for half a year. Maybe I’ll do better in the future.

Progress is being made on the continuation of the Fly Like a Penguin series. I’ve decided to rewrite the first book. The story will be the same, but I think the writing of a lot of it can be improved. Originally, I was planning just to correct some typos, but now I’m in the process of a more serious rewrite.

The plan for now is to self-publish it with Create Space, and also make it available for Kindle, both of which will make it a lot better price.

I’m still working on book 3 also. Book 2 is pretty much done, but will have to be proof-read a few more times. I’m sure there will be some rewriting there, too.

I’m not sure how long all this will take, but I’m hoping to have the first book ready this spring, the second one this summer, and the third maybe next winter. We’ll see.

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