Slow Progress

As I expected, I haven’t added many posts to this page, and I don’t make any promises that from now on I’ll post daily, because I’m sure that won’t happen.

I thought I should comment on the progress of Volume 3, which won’t be appearing in stores any time soon. Volume 2 won’t be either. However, after a long break from writing, which wasn’t really intentional (I just kept not doing it), I have recently resumed the tale. Volume 3 should bring to a completion the adventures of Hopper and his family and friends.

Those who read the first book probably thought it was done. I did too. But now that I’ve written Volume 2, the story isn’t finished anymore.

My plan is to republish the first book with some corrections made to some stupid little mistakes I made. Then when I have Volume 3 close to completion, I hope to publish Volume 2.

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