It’s finally here! Almost.

Volume 3 of the Fly Like a Penguin trilogy is scheduled to be published on March 15 at  Those of you who read the first two books have been left hanging for a couple of years, because Volume 2 left a few unanswered questions. Soon you will be unhung, unless something goes wrong in these final stages of the publishing process, like finding  mistakes that I haven’t seen yet. Or if any of my beta readers tell me  the story stinks.

I’m fairly confident all will proceed as planned. As I read through the story myself, looking for mistakes or bad writing, I find myself enjoying it a lot. I think it’s a really good tale, at least as good as the first two, which I also think are very good. For those of you unfamiliar with Fly Like a Penguin, I’ve written it for kids about 8-12 years old, but have attempted to make it fun for adults, too.

For a while the first two ebooks will be free in the Smashwords version, which means they’ll also be free at most other online retailers. I’m pretty sure they won’t be free on Amazon for the Kindle version, but you can get them from Smashwords with the Kindle formatting.

I’m planning on re-writing Volumes 1 and 2, because I’ve noticed a few minor mistakes in them, but I also think I can write them better. As they are, the stories are fine, and I’m not going to change that at all, just clean up the writing a bit. I will leave the price free until I re-publish them. Then they will go back to something you have to buy. Volume 3 is available as a pre-order for $1.99, and will remain at that price until I re-publish the other two. I’ve also lowered the print versions to as low as they can go, also until I re-publish them. So far the lower price for the printed books is only at Amazon. I think they will be lowered at the other retailers, too.

If you’re looking for something for your preteen to read, or a story you’d like to read to your child or grandchild, click on one of the many links in this article or at the side of the page. Even if you just want to read it yourself. If you’re using an e-reader, it will be hard for others to see that you’re reading a kids’ book. I won’t tell.

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