Marty Love, author of Fly Like a Penguin and this blog

You have stumbled upon the official website of author Marty Love. I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting. This is the place where you can find out about my books and perhaps a  few other interesting things.

Fly Like a Penguin tells about a young Rockhopper penguin named Hopper who is trying to get to his home in the Falkland Islands after being raised in Antarctica with the Emperor penguins. His long journey, which should have been a fairly short one, takes him places no penguin has gone before. He encounters danger behind every wave and times of loneliness and confusion, but he also makes many friends along the way.

This is a somewhat educational adventure story, told with humor, suitable for children, about eight years old and up, and written in a way to be enjoyed by adults as well.


I also have pages in this site with other stories I’ve written, most of them true.

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