One day Marty Love looked out at the water in front of his home on Puget Sound and saw a penguin floating by on a log. Many years later it hit him, “Hey, what was that penguin doing there?” Penguins don’t belong in Puget Sound. Thus began the long quest to find the history of that traveling penguin. Much research and writing resulted in what has become the Fly Like a Penguin book series for middle grade readers and other people who like adventure and laughs.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. You sound like a really excellent father, writer and Christian! I would like to read your book.
    I wrote a book when my three children were younger. Kathryn was ten and the twins were 7.
    The book was called, Cotton Candy Chatterbox and the cover had a mother like me walking with her twins. On the side where the girl twin walked was a huge purse and she asked, “How Come
    Anthony always gets to walk on the side where there’s no purse.”
    It is out of print now, but I would like to use it again and now combin my four little grandchildren,
    yes, and another set of twins – Eli & Sammy 7 yrs old twins.

    Good to chat,
    Esther McIlveen from Canada – upi can google me and see some of my writing!
    Thanks for letting me read your website!


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