An Adventure for Kids and Other People, too!

Fly Like a Penguin is a book series by Marty Love, mostly about a penguin family and their adventures.

You may be asking, “Why should I care?”

Here are some possible reasons:

Do you like…

  • Penguins?
  • Adventure?
  • Humor?
  • Learning about different creatures and places?
  • Something your preteen would enjoy reading or you would enjoy reading to him or her?
  • Not having to worry about having anything inappropriate for your child to read?
  • A story with lessons about life, friendship, love, and God’s creation?

If you can answer “Yes!” to any of the above questions, more information is available in other pages of this website and also using the links to the right. There you can find places to buy the books, which are available in printed and ebook forms.

Here’s what you’ll find on the other pages of this site:

  • News” is my blog page, where I’ll post occasionally.
  • The Books” tells about the Fly Like a Penguin series, which so far is two published books. I’m also including the progress I’m making on the third book.
  • AutoBio” is the author’s biography, written by himself.
  • NVFAQ” is the place for questions you might have asked, if you were interested enough. In case you’re wondering, it stands for Not Very Frequently Asked Questions.
  • “Themes” has some articles about some of the different thoughts behind my writing.
  • Besides the links to places where you can buy the books, on the right side of the page there is also a link to sign up for my email newsletter. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t sent out any newsletters yet, but I’m planning to when people start signing up for it. It will most likely consist of random thoughts, progress updates on Volume 3 or any other new projects in the works, and any other information I might think will be interesting or useful. If any readers have questions about anything I’ve written, I will be glad to answer them there, too.


In the photo below, I am being befriended by many lorikeets at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. They, no doubt, thought I had some food, which I could have bought before I entered their domain, but didn’t, because sometimes I’m cheap.

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